And the winner is…

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I deserve this.

As the winner of the inaugural HA award, I’d like to think it’s in recognition of my body of work…from my inadvertent dialing of 911 and the San Francisco Police Department while on vacation, to my errant cell phone butt-dial that let a friend of mine hear my opinion of his girlfriend.

Of course, it’s probably my latest gaffe—an electronic display of embarrassing and careless candor—that’s making it possible for me to stand here and address you as the 2010 Horse’s Ass award winner.

F.U. stands for Florida University...DUH!

F.U. stands for Florida University...DUH!

When I first attempted to forward an e-mail to a work colleague, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would one day be keeping company with the likes of former Vice-President Dick Cheney, former President George W. Bush or current San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. In addition to their charm and good looks, these men share a flair for self-expression that’s as colorful as a LeRoy Neiman original. Gentlemen, I am your humble student.
Like you, I made remarks that were intended to be private. Like yours, they weren’t.

When the president of a local community group sent me one of his customary e-mail blasts and attachments, I should have just forwarded it to my colleague without comment.

I also should have double—and triple—checked that I was sending the e-mail to the intended recipient and not to the person about whom I was comparing to a drunken uncle. But I didn’t.

Carlos, meet Stupid. Stupid, Carlos.

Not long after I sent the e-mail (and clumsily apologized), he distributed another blast to colleagues and local media entitled “Star-News editor gone wild!” In it he alerted them to my “childish, emotional, obscene, unprofessional, idiotic and personal” blunder. Ouch.

Nonetheless, point taken.

If this episode has taught me anything it’s to always double check the “to” field in an email message. I should say that I also learned not to say or do anything stupid in the future but, c’mon, who are we kidding? There may not be an I in team but there is a HA in human.

So, let this award serve as a cautionary tale of e-mails gone wrong.  There but for the grace of God goes you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Disney film with which I should get reacquainted.