2010 Election Wrap Up

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Future kingmaker?

Future kingmaker?

And the winner is…this guy!?

Sure, Patricia Aguilar defeated Larry Breitfelder in their contest to win a seat on the Chula Vista City Council. But the real political winner might just be Ed Herrera.

Eddie, as he’s affectionately referred to by some people, was the extremely garrulous leader of those who were opposed to Chula Vista’s Prop. H, a measure that would have generated revenue for the  financially strapped city.  But thanks to Herrera and his minions, Prop. H died an unceremonious death at the polls.

It’s the second time Herrera has lead the charge against tax revenue. Last year Eddie sounded the alarm against a one cent sales tax increase in the city.  That died, too. And the city is that much broker.

Having established or been a founding father of the South San Diego County Chamber of Commerce, the Chula Vista Civic Association and the Chula Vista Taxpayer’s Association, it could be that Eddie’s developing political clout in the form of voters hearts and minds. And if that’s the case, how long before we’re referring to him as the Honorable Mayor Eddie?