What’s up with turkey in 2012?

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My sister-in-law grew up in Texas and by all accounts, deep fried turkey is the way to go.

My Californian native brother and I were not convinced, however. Last year we gave it a shot. It was quite the adventure!

Large devices with really hot boiling oil and children running rampant have all the makings of a call to 911. Luckily, amid the screams and cheers, came laughter when the only real calamity was a plastic ladle —used without forethought— melted .

Thanksgiving Day carries a true immediate thought of turkey and for many non-vegans is a must . But, do you really know anything about turkey’s? The tradition itself was self preservation and a bond between the America’s founding ancestors and an effort to live in a new nation harmoniously.

I had an experience of somewhat owning a turkey once, on my property in Ohio…it didn’t last long…they like to wander. It’s not to say they are one bulb shy, but turkey’s have no sense of their surroundings. They cling to the closest object and make their bond by literally latching onto your side.

I don’t know what we would have done if he, the turkey that remains nameless, hung around, but it is pretty clear he wanted no part of it. That short lived event didn’t change my mind. Personally, let me say for the record, a stuffed roasted turkey on Thanksgiving , begins the winter celebration of holidays.

However you enjoy yours and wherever you rest yourself on Thanksgiving, let us all remember the meaning of giving true “thanks “ on this day for the blessings we do have and look forward to a bountiful future.

Warmest Regards,
Margo G. Caffrey

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