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Throughout the year law enforcement agencies in Chula Vista, National City and the rest of the county set up DUI checkpoints to catch motorists driving under the influence of a mind altering substance, be it drugs or alcohol.

Many of the police departments use their personnel to man these outposts with overtime pay funded by state and federal coffers, so the money isn’t being tapped from general funds.

But how effective are DUI checkpoints at catching drunk/drugged drivers? Consider that in September when Chula Vista police set up a checkpoint, 1,229 vehicles drove through the area which ultimately led to five people being arrested for driving under the influence. But the department did impound 15 vehicles that night for various offenses as well as issuing a number of citations.As anyone who has ever had their car impounded will tell you, reclaiming your vehicle ain’t cheap. Court fees, impound fees, fines…the penalty could get close to $1,000 before all is said and done. That’s good news for the agencies who rely on those sources of revenue for part of their budget. What’s unclear is how much safer DUI checkpoints make the streets.

So the question then, is what are you thoughts on DUI checkpoints? Click here to vote.